It’s a sad fact, most business websites are NOT designed to turn visitors into leads. The best of them are pretty brochures. The worst are circa 1995 nightmares with blinking gifs and flash intro pages.

But very few of them are designed to capture real leads.

You have less than 20 seconds to wow your prospect into staying on your website. If your website can’t do that most of your visitors will leave and never come back.

The good news about this painful scenario is that the fix can be easy and quick. All it takes is a little know-how from tried and tested methods from marketing experts and here are just a few you can start with right now

#1 What Is Your End Game

10 actions2

If you want to generate leads you have to have your end gal clear from the beginning. What do you want your customers to do when they land on your website?

Before you answer, “Contact me!” think about the stages of the buying process. What’s the next action that takes them one step closer to booking you?

If you define this from the start your analytics and testing data will be much more accurate. Do you consider a lead someone who filled out the form?

Or maybe someone who signs up to a newsletter? Establishing your starting point will make adjusting conversion goals easier in the long run.

Focus on the true purpose of your website: capturing that lead.

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#2  Add call to action at top of every page on your website.


One of the fastest ways to increase your website leads is to add a big, fat call to action prominently displayed on the top of your website.

The header is the perfect location for it.

A call to action is a command statement designed to get people to take an action.
A strong call to action includes a powerful verb and a compelling offer. “Click here!” isn’t nearly as effective unless you give them a good reason why.

You should paint a picture of the benefit they will get from your product or service a positive image they will have once they take action.

Adding a strong call to action to your website can increase leads up to 591%!

#3 Send visitors from your directory listings and external ads to specific landing pages.

A classic mistake is sending traffic from your online advertising to the home page of your website.

While your home page should be designed to capture leads (at least after reading this article!) it offers too many choices and distractions.

That means you’re not capturing as much of this coveted traffic as you could be. Instead, design a landing page for each source of advertising traffic.

#4 Give your website visitors a really good reason to say YES!


Tell your visitors WHY they should take that action to increase your response dramatically. The better the reason, the more likely they will do it. Here’s an example of how you can take a call to action from good to great.

Contact Me! – Okay
Contact Me For a Free Consultation! – Good
Contact Me For a Free Website Makeover Consultation! – Great

The more specific and valuable your offer, the more results you’ll get. People like to know what will happen next once they click a button it reduces friction and makes the prospect feel comfortable and more likely to take the plunge and click.

#5 Make your website mobile responsive

Today 72-86% of people use a mobile device to access the Internet.

Many of your potential customers are using mobile devices when they are out and about. If a bride is out running errands for her wedding she is probably going to use a smartphone or tablet to check out your page.

If it’s not mobile compatible then you’ve just lost the lead immediately.

Your website needs to look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer.

#6 Increase credibility with testimonials & photos

Startup Stock Photos

Solid testimonials and photos can add some real credibility to your site. It’s social proof your service or product works. You can add a short video of satisfied customers coupled with a brief description of what your company can do for clients.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate but you will generate many more leads if your prospect is comfortable other people recommend you.

#7 Create Videos That Speak To Your Prospect

It’s been tried and tested countless times…people respond more when they have seen a video than just a plain ad. But not just any old video will do.

Your video has to appeal directly to the desires and needs of your prospect. Creating a video that connects to your prospect will result in much higher conversions as they feel you are speaking directly to them.

#8 Learn to use words to your advantage!


Words can be powerful tools and make the difference between a conversion or abandonment of your website.

Power words help your prospect imagine what they will get with your service. For example, decide for yourself which sentence would make you say yes to this offer:

Imagine your dream wedding with us
Make your wedding unforgettable with us

Using action words in your offer takes the prospect from simply imagining what it would be like to actually experiencing the benefits and gives more reality to what they will get back for saying yes.

#9 Trust seals can add credibility

Use trust seals on your page to reduce friction but only if those trust seals are relevant.

If your website is really secure with Norton or payment protection display the seals at appropriate locations on the page like close to forms or sign up boxes.

Customers are 7.6% more likely to buy from sites with trust seals than those who did not.

#10 Testing is your secret weapon to the best lead generation


All the previous tips have the potential to turn your conversion rate around but without testing you won’t know which ones are the most effective for your particular site.

Number and quality of leads is a conversion factor, just like any other – one which you’ll want to see increase and improve over time.

A lead generation page is also a great way to test essential design changes before applying them across your site. By split testing alterations from one landing page to the next, you’ll be able to see whether or not your lead gen efforts pay off.

Of course, having the right testing and analytics software in place will help you determine exactly what’s working – with real-time data, historic timelines, trends and conversion funnels that let you segment down to the smallest details.

In conclusion, testing is your surefire way to understanding exactly the right kind of formula to design the perfect lead generation page.

Every website has its own unique needs but now you have some tricks up your sleeve to get ahead of the competition.

By testing out these 10 killer tricks your work can be done faster and help skyrocket those conversions without the headache of too much trial and error. Now go out there and make an awesome website that crushes it!

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