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Why Should You Choose BridgingPoints Web Design Service?

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BridgingPoints is not your ordinary website design company. We are different from our competitors since our main focus is geared towards increasing the business revenue of our clients.

We also make sure that such an increase is sustainable and consistent. The revenues should continue to roll into your business even long after the necessary solutions have been executed.

At this age wherein the online business industry is constantly changing, your website has to be dynamic enough to adapt to the changing times.

Gone are the days wherein your website looks like thus treated like a catalog.


During the last decade or so, we’ve seen a paradigm shift on how consumers shop for goods and services online.

Their decisions on whether they are going to buy an item or not are affected by a lot of factors. These factors include the appearance of the website, contents of the website, usability of the site and so much more.

Here at BridgingPoints, we’ve identified all of these factors and take them all into account whenever we work with a client.

We Are Focused on Achieving Your Desired ROI:



Since we started, it has always been the focus of BridgingPoints to make sure that every company who has entrusted us their digital marketing campaigns will meet the ROI (Return on Investment) that they so desire.

Our services are built on the foundations of trust and competence. Every step, every process and every technique we implement are towards the realization of the client company’s ROI goals.

Creating an effective and high-performing website is more like science than art. It should not only be appealing to the eyes, it should also be functional as well.

The website should give the user exactly what he or she wants. It should make the user’s life easier. That said, the website should be optimized, easy to use, and deliver whatever functions it was intended for.

Customers who have acquired the services of BridgingPoints have recorded improvements in traffic levels that ran for up to 600%. Inquiries about their products and services have also increased by up to 300%. Our case study has shown exactly how these immense improvements were achieved.


We’ll make Sure You Get the Attention You Want:


Numerous studies have shown that you have about 8 seconds to capture the attention of online visitors.

That said, if you have a poorly-designed and poorly-optimized website, you are literally throwing away potential customers who can be worth thousands of dollars.

In order for your website to be effective, there’s a lot of factors that need to be considered. These factors are the ones that influence the decision-making process of consumers.

Web psychology and analysis have to be involved. You have to fully understand how customers make their online decisions.

How do we do it


So how does BridgingPoints do it? Well, we utilize a revolutionary framework that we refer to as the IDEA. This stands for

  • Investigate
  • Determine
  • Examine
  • Application

Using this framework, we embark on every project with the sole intention of attaining the goals of the client whether it’s about increasing the effectiveness of your sales funnels, improving awareness for your brand, increasing your business revenues, or boosting your website traffic levels.

As you should already know by now, most web design agencies stop the moment they designed and launched the website.

Here at BridgingPoints, we will be with you every step of the way. Designing and launching your website is just half of the job done.

We deliver our services in stages.


  • We perform CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).
  • We study and analyze how your website is currently performing.
  • After analyzing the data we’ve gathered, we will then perform tests and measure the results.

The final stages involve implementing necessary changes in order to improve your conversion rate, increase your traffic, and boost your sales transactions.

We are What You Are Looking For:


So if you are in need of a competent and trusted web design firm, we here at BridgingPoints are more than ready provide the high-quality services you are looking for.

Our team of professionals have the necessary experience as well as updated knowledge on all aspects of web design which enable them to provide solutions to whatever web problems you have.

We offer our services at very affordable rates and our customer support is excellent. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Case Study Meng Design

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I care about web design when there are so many free templates available to download?”

Or you could be asking yourself, “Why should I care about who does my web design and just focus on getting the guy who charges the least?”

Here’s why:

• The success of your online profile is largely dependent on your web design because while web design may look similar, the underlying infrastructure of the design will determine whether your web pages will load quickly and properly and whether your traffic will want to stay on your page or quickly move elsewhere.

BridgingPoints is an amazing website design company – not just because of the effort and creativity we put into making the website look great but more importantly in making sure the website performs and exceeds your expectations. This is because aside from making sure your website looks fantastic, we focus on increasing your business revenue – just like we did with Meng Design And Build

Who is Meng Design And Build?

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Meng Design And Build approached BridgingPoints for assistance in relaunching their website. They are a well-established and highly respected company in Singapore that offers professional space planning and renovations for residential and commercial property owners.

Meng Design And Build is well-entrenched in Asia as a pioneer in their field having been in the business for over 30 years. They have successfully completed projected for over 2,600 clients and proudly own their own carpentry factory dealing only with the best quality materials and skilled manpower to deliver consistently impressive results time and again.

The conflict that Meng Design And Build was facing was establishing a strong online presence via their website. Their business grew because of traditional marketing efforts and their efforts were able to sustain the business over the years.

However, the company was struggling to reach out to new clients and expand their business through their website. Operating their website was not generating enough interest, much less business, to justify the operating costs.

The problem many businesses face today is the temptation to “just be online” because this is what many marketers are promoting. They fail to emphasize that being online is not good enough. Neither is spending too much on a website that isn’t generating traffic or leads. It’s not about the money when one talks about web design. It should be about what the web design can deliver – the value it generates for the business.

The Solution

At BridgingPoints, we don’t just want you to look great online, we strive to make the website self-sustaining and able to deliver consistent and reliable revenues through a responsive and dynamic solution that can adapt to changing times.

If you make your website look like a catalogue or settle for the basic framework, you can’t expect ROI results the likes of what you hear about that initially made you excited to launch a website. The world has become so much more sophisticated and discerning with its choices. Consumers care about how websites look and how easy it is to navigate the site.

For many, the slightest problem with the website is enough reason to switch sites. This means that their buying decision is anchored on how they feel about the website ‘s appearance, content, usability, and friendliness.

The BridgingPoints team assigned to Meng Design And Build broke down all the elements of its website and worked individually on each before collating them into one harmonious design. Each step and process that was undertaken were meticulously analyzed and pitted against the business’ ROI goals.

In addition, the team was in constant consultation with Meng Design And Build to ensure that the foundation of trust was established. There was complete transparency between the two teams and it was a fantastic business relationship because of this.

The work was based on 3 simple questions:

1. Is the website appealing?
2. Is it functional and optimized?
3. Is it meeting the company’s ROI goals?

At BridgingPoints and using these simple questions, our clients have reported back improvements in web performance of up to 600% in increased traffic and an increase in inquiries of about 300%! When you achieve results like these, you start to appreciate the power of the Internet and understand the true definition of “money well spent.”

Studies have shown that websites have just 8 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor. Unfortunately, too many websites insist on using dated web designs that don’t capture real leads. Once a visitor loses interest in your website, it’s almost always a case of never wanting to go back.

Getting them to change their minds is pretty difficult but not impossible. That’s where BridgingPoints comes in. Some of the methods we used with Meng Design And Build include:

• Adding a Call to Action at the center of the landing page
• Offering enticing glimpses of how Meng Design And Build can transform spaces
• Designing a landing page that focuses on the core business and the highlights of Meng Design And Build
• Creating a website that is responsive and mobile friendly
• Making sure the website is friendly, welcoming, and has all the information needed to engage traffic
• Provide testimonials and photos of the work done by Meng Design And Build
• Offer valuable content to help visitors connect with the company and create a positive vibe
• Test and analyze the website and all its elements to confirm that we were on the right track

The Results

Through our time-tested methods of analysis, testing, and use of IDEA, we were able to transform the website into a wonderful and engaging place that provides information, encouragement, and the right degree of professional friendliness.

IDEA stands for Investigate, Determine, Examine, and Application. It’s a framework that delivers customized results for our clients so that each solution is specific to each web design. However, we don’t stop after the new web design has been launched.

The process is ongoing. With Meng Design And Build, we made sure that:

• CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization was done
• Continuous analysis of the website was conducted to reduce bounce rate and increase leads
• Designing content to increase SEO
• Based on the data gathered, more fine-tuning was done to improve the website’s performance
• You can track your website’s traffic and support the increase in traffic with the proper sales and service to maximize your sales potential

Meng Design And Build is now growing and building an independent online following while promoting their brand to a new market that does not rely on traditional marketing. With Asia as their jumping point to the rest of the world and owning a high end website that is able to target markets from around the world, this is one business that is owning the Internet and happy about it.

If you are looking for a competent and trusted web design firm, BridgingPoints offers the best high quality service and creative solutions to address any web problem you may be experiencing especially your bounce rate and increase in lead generation. Contact us now and let’s chat. We’re very confident that you will love our affordable rates and friendly support.

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