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The Problem:


LQ Dental was facing an extreme amount of competition in search due to the high amount of dental websites online. The company had spent a considerable amount of money on AdWords campaigns, but had not seen very much success with these campaigns.

With the performance of AdWords not meeting expectations, LQ Dental found itself spending money without a significant return on the investment.

Due to the high amount of competition in the dental field, LQ Dental was virtually invisible to their target audience. Because of this, organic search traffic was extremely low, on top of the already failing AdWords campaigns.

The company website lacked proper SEO, including the lack of important keywords necessary for it to be found by the target audience.


The BridgingPoints Solution:


Bridging Points created a marketing campaign that not only helped LQ Dental boost their rank in search results, but also increased their PPC conversion by 100%! How was this accomplished?

The marketing campaign was accomplished in 4 steps.

1-Create an effective marketing strategy
2-Create and engage an online community of potential customers
3-Correct the website’s SEO errors and improve the copywriting and basic content
4-Create a strong landing page campaign


Search Engine Optimization – Making The Site Visible:


screenshot-www google com 2015-05-30 13-36-52

Bridging Points transformed LQ Dental’s website into a strong piece of Internet real estate with good keywords and excellent content.

screenshot-www google com 2014-10-07 20-37-00

By improving the usage of keywords and making sure the content is perfectly written has helped organic search engine traffic increase.

Landing Page Campaign


LQ Dental was bleeding cash to an ineffective PPC campaign. Keywords needed to be altered and content had to be rewritten in order to get the campaign on the right track.

This needed to be done immediately to prevent any further loss in the advertising department.

Integration of stronger keywords in the PPC campaign boosted conversions by more than 100%.

By making each page highly targeted pages for PPC advertising, and removing branded keywords such as the business name, the entire website is now a series of landing pages.

Each page is targeted for specific keywords and each set of keywords allows the site to reach the target audience.

LQ Dental_R3

This is perhaps the single most effective step for LQ Dental. By increasing the number of keywords the site is ranked for, a wider share of the market is reached, driving the number of viewers up.

The combination of the rise in conversions from PPC advertising and the growing organic search traffic have helped LQ Dental turn a major money waster into a profitable ad campaign.


The Conclusion


Thanks to Bridging Points’ strong SEO campaign and a carefully implemented PPC marketing strategy, LQ Dental is now seeing a huge rise in traffic.

This comes not only from the correctly managed PPC campaign, but also from organic search traffic. Their social media pages are now generating interest as well, which gives LQ Dental a three pronged outreach to the target market.