Meng Design & Build Web design Case Study

Interior design websiteThe subject of this case study is Meng Design & Build, a local interior design and renovation company based in Singapore. The company prides itself or having been in business for over 30 years.

Needless to say, the company has the much-needed experience to differentiate itself from competitors. Their main services include providing interior design and renovations for both commercial and residential properties.

Since the company started out as a brick and mortar business, majority of their sales are driven by the commercial ads that they put out through tradition media outlets like print publications.

However, they started to realize that promoting their business through traditional means is getting more and more ineffective. Thus, they’ve decided to invest more of their marketing efforts online.

They already have a website in flash but they aren’t getting much from it. The website is generating little to zero leads and very minimal traffic.

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The Challenge:


Since Meng Design & Build has recognized the need for a better website and an improved online presence, the challenge is to drive to them the point that they need an experienced conversion and optimization specialist.

Since they are clueless as far as digital marketing is concerned, such a specialist will have to propose certain measures as well as a hypothesis that needs to be tested.

The main goals are to study and analyze everything that their business needs then improve their site’s conversion rate efficiently and quickly.

Online marketing involves various aspects such as efficient webdesign, keyword research, on-site optimization, and performance tracking. All of these will have to be implemented to create a better web presence for the client.

The challenge also includes the intention of boosting the traffic level. This can be best achieved through search engine optimization strategies that will help the site rank highly for very competitive keywords.


Thus, the aim is to rank on the first page of Google for particular keywords and phrases that are most relevant to the client’s business.

With a ranking in the first page, the Meng Design& Build website can easily generate organic traffic that is double or even triple that of its original traffic levels

Now, ranking for a competitive keyword on the first page of Google is no easy task but the Bridging Points team is confident that it can be achieved using their experience, knowledge and technical know-how in digital marketing.

The Solution:

BridgingPoints worked hand in hand with Meng Design & Build in improving their online presence.

Their current website was revamped and significantly improved with the intention of increasing the site’s conversion rate and traffic level.

A lot of planning, brainstorming, research, analysis and performance tracking were conducted to make sure that the modified website performs very well not only in ranking in Google but in attracting targeted customers/traffic as well.

*Web Design

The client’s site will have to be rebuilt utilizing the IDEA framework by BridgingPoints. The acronym stands for Investigate, Determine, Examine and Application. The Meng Design & Build marketing team has to be consulted with regards to their marketing direction, target audience, brand values and market segments.


The client’s website is currently getting little to zero visitors. With that said, BridgingPoints will help the company identify important keywords and phrases using updated keyword research procedures.

These keywords will then be used to attract thousands of unique traffic for the website. The main goal is to achieve first page rankings in Google’s search results. *CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Unlike other web design companies, BridgingPoints will continue to gather data, analyze them then use them as basis for appropriate tweaks on the site that will optimize its returns.

The company utilizes the CURED framework (Clarity, Urgency, Reduce Anxiety, Emphasize Value, Distraction) in optimizing and tweaking conversion funnels.

When this framework is used, the following points are reviewed and analyzed:
1. overall website performance
2. web analytics data
3. business goals and key performance indicators
4. previous test results
5. the design, layout, copy and graphics of the current landing page

When every aspect of the Meng Design & Build business and its conversion challenges were analyzed, the site will then be studied page by page.

Testing will also be done using heatmap technologies that will enable someone to identify leaks as well as the experience and behavior of users. Surveys as well as 5- second tests will also be implemented to gather more relevant data.

Scrollmap Homepage, Wednesday, 16 October, 2013Heatmap Homepage, Wednesday, 16 October, 2013

BridgingPoints tackled the problems encountered by the client. A complete test plan was developed. This plan contained hypotheses, wireframes, copy creation and graphic design optimization. BridgingPoints then executed the conversion optimization project in its entirety.

The Results: Conversion Rate for the Site Increased by 140%

The number of people completing the call-to-action grew significantly compared to the original conversion rate. Meng Design & Build generated a lot more leads and customers in the process.

screenshot-www google com 2015-07-19 13-57-02

The monthly traffic also tripled by the thousands. This is attributed to the crucial changes implemented on the website and the search engine optimization tactics used to push the site up the search rankings.

interior design Singapore - Google2

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