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1. Terms

By retrieving this web site, you are agreeing to these website Terms and Conditions of Use, all laws and regulations where applicable, and additionally you are responsible for observance of local laws where applicable. If you disagree with any of these terms, you are forbidden from the use or retrieval of this site. The resources contained in this website are under the protection of the applicable trade mark and copyright law.

2. Use License

Unless otherwise stated Bridgingpoints Marketing Services owns the intellectual property rights of the materials on this site. All intellectual property rights are reserved and subject to the following described license:

  1. You have permission to view, download for caching purposes only, or print a single copy of the content from the website for your own personal use only. This is subject to the restrictions set out below and elsewhere in these terms and conditions. This is not a handover of the title, only the permission allotted by the license. However, you do not have permission to:
    1. publish any material from this website onto any other source;
    2. display any material from this website in any public forum;
    3. rent, sell or otherwise exploit material from this website for commercial use;
    4. edit or otherwise modify any of the material on this website;
  2. The license will automatically become null and void if you abuse any of the listed limitations and Bridgingpoints Marketing Services will have the right to terminate the said license at any time. In case of termination of your viewing or should the license be terminated, all downloaded materials in your holding (printed or electronic in nature) must be annihilated.

3. Disclaimer

The material on Bridgingpoints Marketing Services’s website is offered on “as is” basis. We provide no warranties (expressed or otherwise), undertakings or representations regarding:

  1. Any of the material found on Bridgingpoints Marketing Services’s website, inclusive of any accuracy, quality, entirety or fitness for any specific goal of content; furthermore
  2. Any content related to any third party website denoted or opened via hypertext link through Bridgingpoints Marketing Services’s website.

4. Limitations

Bridgingpoints Marketing Services and its suppliers do not accept any liability for damages, expenses or losses due to:

  1. dependence on the content of the Site
  2. usage or lack of ability to use the content found on the Site.
  3. downloading of content, unauthorised access or modification to the Site

This is regardless of whether Bridgingpoints Marketing Services or any authorized representatives have been informed verbally or in writing of any such damages.

5. Revisions & Errata

It is possible that the content appearing on this site may house typographical, technical or photographic mistakes. Bridgingpoints Marketing Services makes not claims that the content on its site is in any way complete, correct or even current.

Bridgingpoints Marketing Services retains the right to make alterations to the content contained on the Site at any time without prior notice. Furthermore, Bridgingpoints Marketing Services does not make any promises to update the content.

6. Links

The links to any third party websites are intended solely for your convenience and does not imply that they are in any way endorsed by Bridgingpoints Marketing Services. Since the content on these websites is not reviewed by Bridgingpoints Marketing Services, it is not responsible for the said content. Use of content on third party websites is entirely at the risk of the user.

7. Site Terms of Use Modifications

Bridgingpoints Marketing Services retains the right to modify these terms of use at any time on its website. By making use of the Site, you automatically agree to being bound by the existing current version of the said Terms and Conditions of Use.

8. Governing Law

Any claims in relation to Bridgingpoints Marketing Services website will be ruled according to the laws of the State of Singapore with no regard to the Site’s conflict of law requirements.

The General Terms and Conditions will be upheld for use of the website.

9. Privacy Policy

Considering that your privacy is of utmost importance to us, we have this Policy in place so you understand how we gather, use, disclose, communicate and otherwise utilize personal information. Below is an outline of the Site’s privacy policy.

  1. Prior to or at the time of collecting personal data, we will point out the objective for which the information is being gathered.
  2. The gathering and use of personal information will only be for the purpose of meeting the objectives defined by us and for additional matching purposes, otherwise we will acquire the consent of the concerned individuals or as mandated by law.
  3. The collected personal information will only be maintained as long as it is needed to fulfil the purposes defined.
  4. All personal information will be collected in accordance with law and use or fair methods; where required, with the approval or knowledge of the concerned person.
  5. Personal information must be appropriate for the reason for which it is being collected and to the point of necessity for that specific reason. It must be complete, correct and up-to-date.
  6. Bridgingpoints Marketing Services will protect all personal data with realistic security safeguards against theft and loss in addition to unauthorized access, modifying, copying and disclosure.
  7. Bridgingpoints Marketing Services will readily make available details of our policies and practices that are related to the handling of personal data to its customers.

Bridgingpoints Marketing Services is dedicated to carrying out its business according to these principles to ensure that discretion of personal data is safeguarded.